October 21st- 25th - Two Days Of Half Term Fun (w10)

October 21st- 25th - Two Days Of Half Term Fun (w10)


Come and join us for TWO DAYs of Performing Arts fun! Each day we'll pick a new theme and learn songs, dances and creative drama games as well as a little mindfulness to chill out and re-energise.

Ages 4 - 12


If you need to stretch the day, please book your child into Early/Club club here

Dates available: Monday 22nd October- 26th October

Venue: St Helens Gardens, W10 6LP

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Here are the Daily Themes for the week-

Monday- Eh? That’s not how it goes! -fracturing fairytales

Tuesday- Good At Being Bad- What makes the perfect Villain!

Wednesday- Here we come to save the day! Our Fave Heroes!

Thursday- Where am I? An adventure day around the world and through space and time!

Friday- Everybody Dance Now! A fun filled day of music, dance, drama, our fave pop stars and a Disco. What a way to end the week!

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