Hello! Katie here from Huzzah Performing Arts.

What's our story? Here goes...........

Maharati and I are on a mission to save the world!

Ok, ok, I got carried away there, but we are on a mission to take the best bits of our lives, be it in Drama School, a Dance class or our meditation practice and deliver it to children in an organic, fun and inspiring way. And then save the world.

We build our own curriculum and respond to the needs of your child or the group as a whole as they come into our courses. We do not believe in cookie cutter children and one size definitely does not fit all.

Our knowledge comes from years of experience as actors and teachers and really seeing what works for children as an individual. We also incorporate our wonderful teachers as a team and allow them to grow and learn with the children.

Maharati has been practising meditation for many years and is now a teacher of the ascension practice. When I began teaching with Maharati I saw how her practice made her an awesome teacher (and person!) and wanted in on the action. Then came the lightbulb moment....Why don't we bring mindfulness into our teaching for the children?

With Huzzah your child will have the most fun, memorable and rewarding times in the holidays or in our after school clubs. We love to see the growth of your child's personality from Day One to Showtime. And we are constantly inspired by your children.