How do you recruit, check and train Huzzah teachers?

We are proud of our teachers who are all professionally trained Performing Artists. They have come through a vigorous set of auditions where we screen for the right attitude and energy. Then we run the highest possible security checks on each individual. Finally once we are happy to welcome them as part of the tribe, they complete training in how to teach with special sparkle, how to get children into the learning zone and how to deliver mindfulness training to children. Our teachers’ growth and happiness is just as important to us as the children’s so we keep them up to date with new teaching methods and encourage sharing ideas across the schools.

What if we miss a class/day?

We’re sad if you have to miss a day, but will do everything possible to catch your child up.

Missing a Monday of a week long course is a little tricky because that’s when we cast the show, so please try to avoid that. Likewise, missing a Thursday is tough on the child who then has to perform on Friday having missed a day!

We don’t offer refunds or exchanges on missed days.

Why don't you separate the children into smaller age groups?

Because magic happens in a mixed group! We’ve had many happy years of watching new friendships get forged across the age range. Younger children are inspired by the talents and commitment of the older children and they, in turn, enjoy the adoration of the young ones and the responsibility of looking out for them.

If we want to stretch the older children with some tricky choreography, for example, then we’ll break off and do that, but we find that for the most part there are so many rewards to be had when children get to learn and play in a mixed age group.

What difference will I see in my child?

There is a wealth of study that shows children who engage in Drama Classes (with teachers who know how to keep them in a learning state) learn how to be more socially, morally and spiritually aware, they are inspired to write about and explore their world more, they have higher self esteem and feel more connected. There are so many changes you can expect to see in your child if you commit to letting them come to regular drama classes. At Huzzah, children have the added benefit of meditation which is proven to increase self confidence, grow grey matter, allow children to make better decisions and feel more secure.

However, we are talking about a human being here! Every child is different. Some children seem to undergo a miraculous transformation in the space of a week with us, for others, changes are accumulative and can bee seen by looking back over the years.

Drama class can play an important role in a child’s development, but must be seen as part of a whole and not a quick fix. If you have any specific concerns about your child that you’d like to discuss we are always happy to hear from you and will arrange a phone call. Use the Contact Form to drop us a line.

Why do you teach meditation?

Studies are finally showing what has been acknowledged wisdom for years, meditation changes brains for the better. Katie and Maharati have a meditation practice (Maharati is a modern day monk and a qualified meditation teacher) that keeps them centred, calm and loving. After years of teaching Drama the penny dropped that they were keeping their best life skill to themselves. Any time a short mediation was used in class to calm a rowdy group of children it worked so well and brought so much calm and clarity to the children that it became obvious that children need and deserve this tool as much as adults do.

The meditations we teach are either guided meditations (taking the children on an imagination journey) or Integrative Body-Mind Training (which you might know as mindfulness) and are designed to allow children to rest in themselves, processing their emotions, thoughts and life situations. The mediations are completely secular and designed not to clash with any belief or nonbelief that you encourage in your household.

What happens if my child says they don't want to come anymore?

Ah, this is an interesting one… Often when children are being stretched out of their comfort zone, their first response it to resist the activity that is causing them the discomfort. Usually this comes in the form of a protest that it’s “boring” or they “don’t like it.” It’s a well documented psychological response and good teachers can help your child work past these negative feelings and stay the course.

Often, if a child is encouraged to stick around, they break through to the other side of this block and have a huge growth spurt and end up feeling really proud of themselves that they continued to come along and face their fears. It takes team effort from the teachers and the parents to accomplish this without putting the child off trying new things and Huzzah Teachers are trained in how to deal with these sorts of learning blocks.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the cause can lie elsewhere and just take a little gentle prodding to discover. It could be that they are worried about something that another child said to them, or that they didn’t get the part they wanted or even that they feel they are not being challenged enough. Huzzah teachers will take the time to sit with your child and discover the underlying cause of the resistance so they can help the child work through it. This helps the child to realise that problems can be solved by tactics and teamwork, not by quitting and is a fast track to growing resilience and self confidence in the child.

If we have all tried every thing we can and the child has given it their best shot but still decides that Huzzah is not for them, then we can assess any suitable refund on an individual basis. Please see the Refund Policy for more information.

My child is not yet four years old, can they attend?

This depends on the child. Are they at least 3 ½? Have they been in full time Nursery School already? Are they completely dry and able to use the toilet without aid? Do they have an older sibling present in the class? If the answer is “Yes to these questions then it’s likely that we can take your little one, but do email us your number so we can have a chat before you book them in.

Do you take childcare vouchers?

Not at the moment.
If the fees are too much of a stretch for you, but you are really keen to have your child experience Huzzah, please get in touch. There’s often an exchange that we can work out, so let us know where you live and what school your child goes to and we’ll see if we can come to a mutual agreement.

Will my child need a packed lunch/ snack?

Holiday Courses, yes please.* Weekend (2 hour classes) just a snack (fruit is perfect). After-school Clubs (one hour), no, but a water bottle is always a good idea.

*When your child is with us all day they will need a healthy packed lunch and two little snacks. Fruit, veggie sticks, oat bars etc. make the perfect snacks. Please keep lunch boxes nut-free as we do have many children with severe allergies. Keep biscuits, crisps, sweets and chocolate to a bare minimum if at all as our days are intense and your child will need nourishing fuel to get through the day. Please also pack a full water bottle.

Do you offer extended hours?

During the holidays, we do! Our Early-Late club is very popular with the children as a time to hang out, make friends, enjoy raiding the art supplies and getting a head start on the day. This extra time is available from 9am till 4.30pm (instead of 10am - 4pm). There’s no need to book in advance as the teachers are on site getting ready for the day any way, just show up between 9 - 9.30am (no drops between 9.30 - 10am, please). The cost is just £10 per child/ family payable at drop off.

Do you have a safeguarding policy?

Absolutely. Please see here.

Can I take pictures at the show?

Of course you can. We only ask that if you are posting to social media you either obtain the permission of the other parents or crop the pictures to only show your child.

My child has disabilities, can they attend Huzzah?

We would love to have them come! Please contact us so we can check access and facilities at your chosen venue and discuss how to best help your child to join in.

My child has allergies and is on medication. Will they be safe?

All Huzzah classes have a teacher who is First Aid and Epipen trained and we check lunches to make sure they are nut-free. We are more than happy to keep your medications on site - bear in mind we often don’t have access to a fridge.

If your child is on medication or needs extra vigilance, please contact us before the start of the class - NOT AT 10am ON THE FIRST DAY - to discuss your child’s needs and appropriate care.

If your child needs an inhaler, please provide us with a spacer too.