Focus and fun - that’s what we’re about at Huzzah.  The Performing Arts offer a great platform to springboard your child into a more confident, creative and satisfied self.  Shy children are coaxed out of their shells and little tykes are given a much needed outlet for all their extra energy.  

At Huzzah Holiday Camps and Clubs we use our many years of professional experience in the performing arts combined with our tried and tested teaching philosophy based in firm boundaries, growth-mindset praise and lots of love to bring out the best in every child.  

Children learn key skills like paying close attention, using initiative, sharing with and leading a group and all the various forms of expression you’d expect from a drama, dance and singing class.  However, Huzzah children have the added benefits of practicing mindfulness meditations during their time with us.  Each camp ends with a performance to celebrate a job well done.


Our courses are perfect for children aged 4 - 11

We’re not looking for cookie cutter children; there’s no such thing as a “Huzzah Child” because no two children are alike.
— K&M